Bittorrent Sync on NAS

That's how it works on a Synology Diskstation DS 107e:

Login on your NAS as root

Now the heavy part starts: The old diskstation does not support GLIBC 2.4, it only has 2.3

Massive workaround: Install a more modern Linux version and CHROOT into it..

Here the instructions, basically taken from

Download the complete new linux distribution archive from

If you don't have the right processor, you would have to go through the valey of tears and create (bootstrap) the right debian version first (

after having the debian archive:

mkdir -p /volume1/@debian
cp chrootgnuspe_OpenJDKPublic.tgz /volume1/@debian
cd /volume1/@debian
tar xzvf chrootgnuspe_OpenJDKPublic.tgz
mkdir -p /opt/debian

create 2 new scripts in /opt/bin:
mount -o bind /volume1/@debian /opt/debian
mount -o bind /dev /opt/debian/chrootgnuspe/dev
mount -o bind /proc /opt/debian/chrootgnuspe/proc
chroot /opt/debian/chrootgnuspe /bin/bash
chroot /opt/debian/chrootgnuspe /bin/bash

(More info about the distro can be found at

The problem is simple: Debian moves their releases when they are old to and that is where you need to point your debootstrap to.

debootstrap <…> lenny /root/lenny

main # cd / main # mkdir /lenny-chroot main # debootstrap lenny ./lenny-chroot

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